Avtrack Global Tracking



Service Offered

The system provides a low cost Automatic Location for wireless data communication through proven world wide, global technologies making use of both the GPS and Data Satellite Constellations using a customized web based mapping and report hosting system.

The system offered in this proposal is based on a mobile global two-way communication platform, utilizing two way data satellite communication complete with GPS technology and systems ideally suited for tracking, tracing and data messaging.

The data is transmitted from a remote unit on the aircraft/vehicle or animal to the global coverage low orbit satellite constellation, back to the ground earth station. The earth station is linked to the global networks and infrastructure. The information transfer network servers translate the data into information reports, as well as providing the same data in a geographical map format, all on the (www) world wide web for global multiple connectivity.

The unit provides GPS position related to time and date reports including auto-identification, speed, and heading information on a secured customized web based facility. Geographical data is displayed on customized maps (up to street level where required and available) on the web and can be accurately pinpointed via zoom-in features. Positional information as well as historical route data can be reviewed through maps and reports. Information via the web is accessible to multiple global workstations.

With the installation of an emergency distress signal activation button in an aircraft, the pilot can activate a message that will alert the control room. The system is able to change the message interval from the PC/control room, forwarding the latest position status of the aircraft/vehicle through the polling function. Messages intervals can be set from once every 30 seconds to once every 45 days.